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A Snow Day – Finally!

Seems like we’ve been waiting for ages to have some snow and today we got it! The last few weeks have been unbelievably cold. I think it was 0 (yes zero!) degrees here on Saturday morning. Cold, but no snow in sight. The girls had a great time outside playing in it today. Who knows when we’ll see more, so they had to take advantage of what we had. There wasn’t quite enough in the grass, so they resorted to making snow angels on the deck. Silly girls! They even tried to get the dog to lie down so they could make snow dog angels! That poor dog is so patient with these girls. She puts up with soooo much.

Anyway, now that the holiday craziness is behind me and we are settled into the new year, I’m back at my ‘kreating’. Laura and I have been busy planning another weekend retreat for February. We are so excited and can’t wait. We had so much fun the last time.
We still have a few seats left. If you are interested in attending, go to this link and register: We would love to have you!

I just redid her blog – as she says, new year, new blog! She rolled it out today and we are both excited about how pretty it is. I still have to add some things to her upcoming events, but we’re pretty much done. Check it out:

I have a class coming up at her store on January 31st. We’ll be learning dry embossing techniques. If you are available that day, come on over! I don’t have samples yet, but will post when I have them.

I’ve also been working on some fun digital layouts. Here is one I did yesterday for a challenge on a digital site. I was supposed to use only the elements from the kit so I was a little limited with my ‘kreativeness’. The two blondies are my daughters and the little cutie in the middle is my neice Jessica. We went to Disney in December with the family and had a blast!

I also downloaded several great kits during the “Christmas Around the World” Collaberation. There were great designers with awesome kits that participated. I enjoy all the freebies and the designers don’t skimp with their work. Here are just a couple I did. One I used a QP – quick page, the other is simply two papers.

This is the one using the vintage papers. I just love the vintage look!

This one is just a QP. I love those for fast pages. Just slide your picture in the designated spot and you’re all set!

By the way, if you are following my blog by just checking in here and there, I have added a subscribe button to the sidebar. You can just hit that button and you will receive an email when I update the blog.

Look for more fun layouts to come. I have finished up the girl scout calendar and had a blast with that one. I think the layouts turned out great. I just hope everyone likes them. Now I’m setting aside time each day to do more layouts for myself. I also found a place to get them all printed for pretty cheap. They have lots of great reviews from other customers. I want to use two or three different places to see which I like the best.

Ok, I’m off to kreate!!

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