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It’s almost summer vacation!!

Wow! I can’t believe that summer vacation is just around the corner! The last day of school is quickly approaching…only 3 days! I am working on the teacher gifts…of course they are last minute things as they always are. I did decide to go digital with them though. I was fortunate enough to have two different events in the last two weeks where I could get great pictures of each child in both girls’ classes. I found some cute little CD albums on Shabby Miss Jenn’s site. I took the photos and just plugged them into these quick little albums. Unfortunately, I did overlook the size thing when I printed them. Imagine my surprise when I went to pick them up at Costco and they were 8×8 and not CD size like I expected. I did choose 8×8, but the ditz in me didn’t think the actual image on the page would print that large! Live and learn. So, I scrambled to figure out what to do since the idea of using these old CDs and DVDs around here was scrapped! My talented friend Lorie gave me the idea of doing accordion albums. I was thrilled. I’m in the middle of assembling them now and will have to post pictures of the finished product later. But as a quick sneak peek…

The cute little one of Mikaela and her friend was from the “Back 2 School” CD album kit and for Kasey’s class, I used the “Weeds N Daisies” CD album kit.

Many of you know that I had been working at the job that was horrible. I worked from home, but the stress and the horrible manager was a little too much for me. I finally got the nerve and quit! I feel so much better now. I can’t believe how much this was dragging me down and making me simply miserable. I have missed out on so much because of the hours and the ridiculous stuff I put up with. I was constantly worried about what I would get ‘yelled at’ for next. I didn’t enjoy anything because in the back of my mind, I knew that no matter how hard I tried, she would find something and I would be in trouble. It’s unbelievable what it did to my self-esteem. I think that’s finally coming back. I just feel like a totally different person right now.

Anyway, now that I am finally feeling up to it and I have the time, I have been working my way back into kreating! I did a big afternoon thing with my mom’s Red Hat Society ladies. I set up stations and the ladies had a great time making cards! Most had never stamped before, so that was a challenge. But, we all had a great time.

Since I’m focusing on Kreating With Kim again, I wanted to find a fun stamp to help promote myself (who knows what I’m doing with the business, but shoot, I have to promote, right???). I found this site and they do custom stamps…how stinkin’ cute is this (excuse the dark background – I didn’t turn on enough lights, but you get the idea!):

If you like this, you can get one for yourself at The Stationary Studio. They have a TON of stuff and it’s all very cute!!

OH and lastly, I am beginning the planning of ScrapPink 2! I have contacted the hotel and once I get the confirmation for my dates, I’ll send an email to everyone! We had such a great time last year, I know this year will be just as fun!! Laura and I enjoy spending the weekend with everyone. You guys are such a great group! For those who haven’t attended yet, you really have to. It’s a blast!!!

Off to finish assembling these albums…I’ll be sure to post the final product when I’m done.

Have a great week!!

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