First Day of School

So, today was our first day back to school. I had two girls starting a new middle school and one still at the elementary school. They were all so excited to get back. I didn’t even have to wake them this morning. All three made their way downstairs, bright eyed and bushy tailed! I enjoy mornings like this morning when there is no hassle and no grumpies. After getting everyone on the bus, I played (like all of my friends!) on facebook for a while. I just couldn’t get motivated to do something productive. I guess after spending all summer with kids I deserved one day to just goof off, right? I couldn’t really concentrate on any one task because I worried all day about my 6th grader. Sure I had two at a new middle school, but the 8th grader was a pro and had been to middle school before. I was totally thrilled to hear that they all had a good day.

You know I have to throw in a few first day photos, right?? I used a photoshop action on these to make them a little more fun. This action was downloaded from Scrap Orchard and created by Faith True. These are both done with her Candy Apple collection, Sweet Candy Apple action.

I like how these actions have a little burnt edging to them.

Just so I don’t totally bore you with the back to school stuff, I did take other photos this weekend. These are of my girls, but girls of a different kind. On our mini-farm, we have two goats. I love them. They are so funny. They remind me of a toddler…very curious and always in the middle of everything. I have never really tried to take pictures of them in the past and can I just say, it isn’t easy! I took a ton of pictures and only a very few actually turned out. I don’t think they liked the sound of the camera. They wouldn’t come near the fence. I ended up getting my zoom lens and capturing some shots that way. These photos I also ran actions on. I’m hooked…a total action junkie…I’ll admit it! These actions are from Pioneer Woman, her Old West set from the Action Set 1. Notice how different they look…one photo was taken in full sun, the other was under a tree in our yard. Sooo, without further babbling from me, meet Nemo and Rose Petal (my girls were 2 and 4 when we got them…they named them after an episode of Arthur, their favorite show at the time!), two of my four legged fur babies.

This would be my girl Rose Petal. She was standing under the tree in my yard when I took this. She didn’t care for the clicking of the camera at all. I could see the hairs on her neck and back stand up each time I snapped. She would get a crazed look and jump. It was funny to watch. Poor girl, I guess I shouldn’t laugh.

This lovely little face belongs to Nemo. She and Rose Petal are sisters and look exactly alike. The only way I can tell them apart is Nemo’s clipped ear. We got them when they were 2 months old from a local farm. Her ear somehow got clipped. I think they had seventy goats and couldn’t take care of them all, so we took two. I would have loved to get more, but we weren’t sure how well they would work out. We all just love these girls!

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