{Friday Photo Bliss}

Wow! It’s Friday already! Time is flying by. I missed last Friday’s posting, but told myself I wouldn’t miss this week! Summer is almost over and we have just a little over a week before the kids are back in school. And, what a crazy week this will be…finishing back to school shopping, working, open houses, and the list goes on…I’ll need a vacation from all of this hustle and bustle.

After spending much time looking through my photos from the last week, I finally found one that I just loved. Not that I didn’t like them all, but this one is just sweet.

We had been out boating our last day at the lake and she was worn out. The rocking of the boat just knocks her out. Even though she isn’t a baby anymore (she’ll be 7 on Sunday!), I still love watching her sleep.

So, do you have a {Friday Photo Bliss} photo to share??

I have to admit, I’m an “Action” junkie…if there’s a photoshop action out there, I’ve found it and used it. I used an action on this photo, Faded DayDreams from CoffeeShop. I thought it was somewhat appropriate, right?

Since getting back Monday, I’ve been non-stop trying to get back into the swing of things. I have almost finished putting the final touches on my classes over at My Creative Classroom. It’s been slow and Jing hasn’t been the most cooperative! I have my usual classes lined up for this fall: Using Photoshop 101, Using Photoshop 102 and Photo Editing. I’ve also added a Using Photoshop 103 to my list! That one is still in the works and will be open for enrollment soon.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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